Tropical Spa Body Wraps


Tropical Spa Body Wraps

  • Shrink your fat cells!
  • Rid your body of toxins!
  • Tighten and tone the look of your skin!
  • Lose 7 to 12 inches in your first wrap!
  • Use in conjunction with Trim N Shape for maximum loss of inches!

Take home kits available to use in the privacy of your home!


What is a detoxifying body wrap?

The Tropical Spa Body Wrap is a scientifically balanced combination of herbs and minerals designed to penetrate the adipose layer, emulsifying fat. The results are inch loss, detoxification and firmer skin!

Our research showed an initial loss over all of 8 – 20 inches!

The Tropical Spa Body Wrap is designed to work with Trim N Shape for maximum inch loss. Each take home Tropical spa Body Wrap kit contains:

  • A packet of instructions on how to dry brush your skin and a body brush
  • A step by step instructions for doing the wraps (with pictures!)
  • A specially formulated herbal solution (Spruce Juice) containing neem tree oil
  • A slimming gel (Belly Jelly) to massage into cellulite or fat pockets
  • 10 elastic wraps you will need to cover your body

Save Money!! 

The cost for a Tropical Spa in home Body Wrap kit is $169.00 (for 8 wraps) OR $225 for a Deluxe Kit with Trim N Shape.
The cost for one wrap in most spas is about- $185.00 but ours is enough to do EIGHT!!!

Host a Body Wrap Party to win your wrap while all your guests receive
a $20.00 discount on their wraps!


Body Wrap Testimonials

“ I was paying almost 10 times what I paid for a Tropical Spa Body Wrap at Before and After!  After having lost over 140 pounds, I needed to do something to tighten my hanging skin and had been having regular treatments.  I found that these worked much better and I could do it in the comfort of my home without having a stranger help me. I lose about 2-4 pounds several days after I do a whole body treatment and I had not lost anything after using the more expensive ones.”  Beth C., Fort Pierce, FL

“I wrapped my mom for the therapeutic benefits because she has eczema.  She is almost 6 feet tall and weighed about 300 pounds.  Much to my surprise, she lost an amazing 24 inches and dropped 15 pounds in a month after 2 of the wraps! And her eczema looks 100% better and is no longer cracking and dry! It has encouraged her to go on your program and given her the jump-start she needed.  Lisa G., Cincinnati, OH

“ My husband and I both wrapped and the results was just amazing!  Dean wrapped just his torso and lost 2” in 3 places, ribs, waist and just above the hips for a total of 6”. I wrapped my entire body and lost 14 total inches.  the And it was fun to do as a couple!”  Ann and Dean C.,Fort Pierce, FL

“I have always had problem thighs, so I wrapped just my thighs.  I lost 8 inches in only one wrap and could not believe how much smoother my dimpled skin was!” Jennifer R., Louisiana

“I had completed the Belly Buster Diet and had maintained my weight loss for almost a year, but I had ‘cheesy’ thighs…after just one wrap I lost a total of 18 inches!  I did 6 wraps in a twelve-week period and now do one every 6 weeks for maintenance.  I dropped another dress size!  Becky B., Mentor, Ohio

“I wrap my arms once a week and lift 3 lb. weights.  In just 6 weeks, my arms look terrific!  I lost 2” in three measurements on each arm.  Betty G., Margate, FL

“I lost 14 inches on the first wrap and 7 on each of three subsequent wraps.  Every time I do it, I drop 3-5 pounds almost immediately, so it makes me want to keep doing them.  I have lost a total of 35 inches and dropped 15 pounds, and before I had been plateauing on the diet!  Lynne G., Fort Pierce, FL