Protein Starter Kit--Smooth Sailing Kit

  • $297.00

Interrmediate Kit with enough Lite Proteins to get you started for 4-5 weeks. Your Detox Menu will be emailed to you while you wait for your protein and products to come in, along with the rest of your diet menus and a shopping list. When you successfully complete the first two phases of the diet, you will be sent the stabilization and maintenance menus, too.

Be sure to fill out your Health Profile online before you order! LIMIT of ONE KIT PER CUSTOMER! COMPLETE instructions are included. Only enough product to lose about 15 lbs. but it gives you more variety than the Jump Start Kit. You may order more if you need to lose more weight.

The number one thing people say helps them be successful is ACCOUNTABILITY and this package comes with a year of coaching with this specially priced package. For less than $17 per month you get both a nutritional counselor and a behavioral coach ....great value and helps you get to your goal without the sabotage. Includes a coaching call once a week and a 7-class course on behavioral modification to ensure your success led by two top experts in the field. Product would normally be over $139 plus counselor and therapist $247. Save over $90!  .+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Kit includes 6 boxes of lite protein drinks, 2 boxes of heavy proteins, a box of 7 protein bars and one box of Walden Farms Salad Dressing. What is included is subject to availability but bestselling flavors are included.